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The Cousins’ War Series - Philippa Gregory

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the hit BBC series The White Queen, which depicts commoner Elizabeth Woodville’s rise to the throne in around the 15th century. She is a young, widowed woman with two children from her late husband and she sets out to ask the young King Edward IV for a dower, and instead, he falls in love with her.

I started reading the series after starting to watch the TV series (which, I know, is bad) but honestly, the books and TV series are very similar to each other. Elizabeth is portrayed as a headstrong, ambitious woman who is a descendant of the water goddess Melusina. She and her mother Jacquetta of Luxembourg, a previously very wealthy woman who married down from her, practise the art of witchcraft and many historians believe Elizabeth trapped Edward into marriage through witchcraft. However I choose to believe that the only magic used, as Elizabeth tells her children (p.s., this is not really a spoiler if you know anything about English history!), is love. Which sounds really cheesy and awful, but anyway.

The White Queen the TV series tells the story of all three of the main women - Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville, but the books are all written separately.I’ve only read The White Queen so far, but the next two books are on my list to read.

Anyway, Gregory is a historian who is particularly interested in the women side of royalty and has written all these books in first-person as the women experience what it is like to live in the times when the country was very much ruled by men. I think she shows a very strong woman in this book, one who knows exactly what she wants and gets it (him!). 

I have to admit I only started watching the TV series because of Max Irons (who plays the King), but I’ve become very interested in this side of history and the whole idea of it. I think Gregory shows a different side of history, one which is really interesting and not at all boring. I really enjoy these books, and can’t wait to read the others.

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The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen

Emaline has a boyfriend who she has been with forever, his name is Luke, and they are just embarking on the summer before they both go to college. They’ve been together for as long as they can both remember. Then Theo comes to town for the summer, making a documentary with his boss Ivy. Theo is different to Luke, and they start spending more time together.

What unfolds is Theo and Emaline’s relationship with each other, and how Emaline can create a new life for herself in such a familiar place as the beach town she has lived in all her life.

I am a huge fan of Sarah Dessen’s work and I love absolutely all of her books. They all have similar plots, which is fine because they’re all summer books - but this one is different. I know Sarah announced that this was a little different to her previous books, but it wasn’t until I read it that I realised it is different.

The main character Emaline is about to go away for college and is obviously wanting/needing a change of direction for the summer before she leaves. Theo is very different to previous love interests’, and the outcome is very different too.

However I think this change of direction is a good thing for Dessen and it gives something new to her writing. I have admired her writing for a very long time, and I can’t wait for her next book!

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Definitely going to write reviews on the mortal instruments books!

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unclassyclassic asked:

Sorry for the late answer I don’t check this blog much. I bought it off amazon when it was first published, I didn’t know it was hard to get at all!

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All 6 books in #TheLyingGame series! (Some are international editions.)

Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson

This book is about a family who are dealing with some really difficult news. The father decides the family will go back to their old lakehouse for the whole summer. They haven’t been there in years, and the main character and main protagonist of the novel, Taylor, has reasons why she particularly doesn’t want to go back. When she was last there, she made a mess with her first crush and her friends. Now they are to go back, she must face the people she hurt - which is difficult, especially since Henry, her crush, suddenly got a lot cuter.

By the same author who wrote Amy & Roger’s Epic Road Trip (review to come soon), Morgan Matson is particularly talented at writing happy summer books which you can really get stuck into sitting by the pool or beach, or even just sitting outside in your garden. 

Second Chance Summer is well written and interesting to read. Filled with friendship and first loves, as well as plenty of grief and loss, it will really entertain you from start to finish. To the reader, the outcome of the book is quite obvious, however the reader still might find themselves hoping for a miracle

This book is fun to read, harmless and I would recommend it as a summer read. It really makes you want to go out and make the most of your summer, so read it before summer finishes!

Rating: 8/10

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